After biting six humans, a Brighton fox tested positive for rabies.

The fox that bit three Brighton residents tested positive for rabies, according to the Monroe County Department of Health on Tuesday.

Six persons were bitten by a fox on Friday evening near Hollyvale Drive and Tilstone Place. Authorities killed the fox, according to county officials.

The victim of a fox assault in Brighton describes the experience, and authorities provide an update on the investigation.

According to the Department of Health, the fox was tested for rabies and found to be infected. They further stated that if not treated, the sickness can kill affected animals and humans.

According to Mike Wasilco of the Department of Environmental Conservation, you can sometimes determine if an animal is affected by how it acts.

“They may appear to be unaware of their surroundings, walking in circles, walking into things, and they may be more aggressive and lack their normal fear of humans.”

Brighton residents believe it took a long time to subdue the fox and keep it from biting other people, but Wasilco claims this is part of their process. Brighton Animal Control arrived in the area a week ago but were unable to locate the fox. He further claims that the likelihood of a rabid animal biting many persons is low because it is usually captured or killed before that happens.

Anyone who touched a fox in Brighton last week should seek medical attention immediately and report the occurrence to the Monroe County Rabies Control Programme at (585)-753-5171.